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How Do You Swirl?

How Do You Swirl?

How Do You Swirl?

With so many swirlicious flavor combinations, there's a PhillySwirl taste experience for everyone. Share your favorite PhillySwirl stories, photos, or ideas here.*

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Your Stories

Here are some recent contributions we've received:

Fabulous! Fabulous! Fabulous! That's the only words I can use to describe your product. The smooth texture and great taste make these treats amazing. Congrats on putting the big name brands to shame. Keep selling them at Sam's Club. Michelle - Green Bay, Wisconsin

I can't believe that your pops are only 10 calories. I am a lifetime Weight Watcher and these are 0 points and considered a FREE FOOD. I am telling everyone I know to try them. Tammi - Dallas, Texas

I just recently found and tried your assorted box of sugar free popsicles. I am trying to help my friend keep sugar out of her son's diet and these were just the perfect treat for him to enjoy. We all tried them and loved them. I am so happy we have found such a wonderful summer treat. Bridget O. from Houston, Texas

Hey Guys, My wife and I are personal trainers and own a personal training studio. We are always trying to find ways to help our clients stay on track nutritionally. We teach them to learn how to eat for the rest of their lives, not just now to get in shape, but always. Well we have a major success with the sweet and refreshing taste of your sugar free Philly Swirls. We hand them out after workouts for treats at the end of the week. THANK YOU GUYS!! It is a great treat and has only 10 calories. That is very cool since most sugar free treats are still high in calories. By the way the favorite is the orange one. Colin H-S - Nashville, Tennessee

Hi guys, This is from Sunny and Hot California..We just discovered your Philly Swirls and they are delicious. We just started a diet and it's great to have such a wonderful treat and not feel guilty. What a wonderful product for those who are diabetic. So many foods are off limits to them, especially deserts.We sure do hope your product stays in our local Sam's Club, or somewhere in our area. Thanks again, Diane C - Vacaville, California

Recently, I purchased your sugar-free Philly Swirl bars at Sam's Club. I absolutely love them. I try very hard to watch what I eat and found that these bars satisfy my sweet tooth and they are only 10 calories. Please keep up the good work. My family loves all your products. Nancy R. from Alexandria, VA

Just bought a box of PhillySwirl at Sam's Club and took them to work to share with all my coworkers. Had to let you know that everyone gave them a big "OH THESE ARE GOOD"!. I am a diabetic and one of my coworkers has a grandson with it so these will be a staple in my freezer all summer. Thanks for making such a great product. The orangedream takes me back to being a kid again. Can't wait to try the cotton candy!! Sheila N. Texarkana, TX

I'm watching my calories, and these things are phenomenal. All the low cal snacks I've tried can't even compare. Thank you for a wonderful product, and I hope it stays at Sam's Club forever. Regards, Justin P., (age- 26) from Lexington, Kentucky

I love the product! I told my mother, who is a diabetic and she bought them and loves them too. Keep up the good work. Cindy L. , (age-32) from Douglasville, Georgia

Great Product!! My wife and I are definitely putting this on our regular shopping list!! Thanks!!! Richard L., (age- 55) from Dudley, Missouri

I'm one of those low-carb dieting freaks who really have that urge for real sugar. I read the info on the icepops and realized that these are PERFECT for this diet. They look good (the packaging) and taste equally great! I can eat these (as long as it fits the diet) anytime even in winter (which I've eaten it barefoot in the snow with no shirt on (no joking!). I'll get a pic of it and send it to you guys! Keep making this awesome stuff! Mike L. Waterbury, CT

I just wanted you to know how great it is to be able to go to a regular grocery story and be able to pick up a gluten free product!!! You all are doing a wonderful thing!! I am promoting your product on my support group website. I'm sure all celiacs would love a popscicle during the hot summer!! Jessica D. Emporia, KS

Fabulous product, fabulous website. Now, if you could just make the CHOCOLATE stuff with splenda and 0 carbs! See my other email for you to forward on to Sam's! I'm personally spreading the word about your great products! Sheila H., (age-61) from Richfield, Minnesota

Great product for sure. We first heard about Philly Swirl through our Weight Watchers meeting. We always shop at Sam's so it was easy for us to find and try your product. What a great treat and under our points system they are "0" points. We will surely spread the word as best we can, not only as a Sam's Club member but as a Weight Watcher as well.. Richard S., (age- 78) from Summerfield, Florida

I just bought a little piece of heaven today!!! Your product is unbelievable! The texture is great and there is absolutely no aftertaste. I've lost 54 lbs on the Low Carb Program. This is the treat I've been dreaming of, for sometime now. I Love ice cream, popsicles, have wrapped it all into one wonderful treat!!!!!!!!!!!! Eva C., (age- 55) from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I recently stumbled upon Swirl Stix at my local grocery store. The cotton candy flavor reeled me in, along with the fact that they are low in calories and dairy free. Well thank god I purchased them because they are fabulous! Cotton candy flavored anything is worth a shot for me. These Swirl Stix are so delicious! I can't wait to try your other products :) Tiffany P. from Pasadena, California

I found your products at Walmart and was surprised that they are gluten-free! I have been eating gluten-free for over a year and am very impressed with PhillySwirl. My kids love them and so do I! We can't wait to go to the grocery to buy more! Sunshine Pyles-Sorrell from Reynoldsburg, Ohio

I was recently at Publix and they had Philly Swirl on sale so I decided to give it a try. Wow! I am hooked. Like many have said I can't believe how good the sugar free pops are. It's the perfect guilt free snack. I am also addicted to the Original Italian Ice swirl. I am so glad I gave these a try because I have been buying them ever since. Thanks for such a great product! Morgan B.from Sarasota, Florida

What a great story - I'm sure you inspire everyone you reach. I am a volunteer working to update a list a foods that folks with PKU can eat. It is very discouraging to dig for information from most manufacturers. I'm not sure what they are worried about. My particular thanks to you is your willingness to disclose product content. It helps so much when dietary problems plague your life. Wishing you coninued success - loved reading about you both. Judith Seoldo from Tuscon, Arizona

My local publix had them buy one get one free last week. I have one left. I absolutly LOVE these things. I go to public school in Florida and I am sad too say my school does not carry Philly Swirls. If they did I would buy one every day. Keep on making the best desert! Chasity W. from Seffner, Florida

I love your Fudge Swirl Stix. Just discovered them and they are great. I just wish they were sugar free, since I am a diabetic, but, even with sugar they are not very bad at all. DELISH! Carol L. from Blountville, Tennessee

I just wanted to say I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all your products I can catch them once in awhile at BJS whole sale but most the time at either WalMart or BI LO...wish you would bring back the cupcakes those where yummo BUT I can not get enough of PHILLY SWIRL... there isnt a flavor I dont like,, Keep up the good work and keep them coming you have a life time fan here.. Shawna from Rock Hill, South Carolina

Hi Alex, We wrote to you back when you started the business and let you know how much we loved your product. You took the time to write back, and even keep in contact. It's been a little while and I just wanted to let you know that we are still HUGE Philly Swirl fans. Can't get enough. We LOVE the new Cereal Cones, and your creativity! You guys ROCK! Thanks so much! Brenda W from Decatur, Illinois

I love love Philly Swirl! I get the cup ones! I think ya'll should have a box of just cotton candy ones or just Blueberry, etc...! Thanks so much ya'll :) Courtney D. from San Antonio, Texas

Picked up some swirl popperz at costco and they are AMAZING the flavors and texture are the best. My son Canyon says the cotton candy flavor is the greatest. Thank-you for a great product. Tim from Littleton, Colorado

Recently came across your Sweet Delites Bars in my local HEB Grocery store. Since they were sugar free, fat free and gluten free, I decided to try them. The are delicious!!! It seems that every time you find something in a store you like, they stop ordering it. Hope that is not the case with HEB. Sending everyone I know the information about Sweet Delites and how good they are. LJN from Spring, Texas

I tried your Sweet Delites sugar free bars in Florida this winter. When I returned to NH I couldn't find them in any of the grocery stores...then I foound them at Sam's Club. I was thrilled, but last week they told me that they had discontinued them. Please bring them back. I was not the only club member to ask that they carry them again. It was what I used to satisfy my sweet tooth with a delicious treat !!!! Jacquelyn Stowell from Hudson, New Hampshire

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